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Releasing 20th September 2019

Dem Aliens is a randomly-generating tower defense game. What does this mean? The map itself randomly generates, meaning you have to switch tactics every playthrough. What happens when you get over wave 999? That's for you to find out ;).

Dem Aliens was made for the "Area 51 Raid" on the 20th of September, as a jokey, rough around the edges (tacky) game. Intended as a joke only, and developed in a seriously short period of time. Yep, this is a 'joke' game. I've actually been working on another serious game for 7 months!

Made by me solely, Isaac Sandhu, and featuring 1 Public Domain song, Dem Aliens is probably not a good addition to any good gamer's library. Oh yeah, I'm a young Sole Indie Game Developer :)

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Updated 29 days ago
AuthorOne Skip Studios
Tags2D, Aliens, Tower Defense, vector

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